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Year One

1 The number of years since we opened our pizza studio

2 The number of Babies born into the lives of proud parents who work at Ciao Down since our studio opening.

8 The amount of years since taking a leap into the unknown and beginning of our pizza journey.

10 The number of people on our team that put their passion into crafting our legendary pizzas, I appreciate every single one of them and love to watch their own culinary journeys unfold over time.

22 The number of years experience I now have working in the food and beverage service industry, from Fox restaurants to the Ritz Carlton and many other places along the way. While this industry is far from perfect, I’m out to change it for the better of its people one pizza at a time.

38 The number of years being able to call myself a Tucson resident born and raised. Thank you Tucson for the over abundance of love and support you have given this little pizza shop.

877 The number of square feet in our restaurant space. The place we get to call our own, and damn does it make me proud. The best part is all of our neighbors kick ass and make it a place we are able to call home.

10,266 The total pounds of cheese that went into making our legendary pizzas this year.

12,124 The total pounds of flour through our mixer to craft…

30,798 The amount of pizzas handmade in our first year as a pizza studio.

As I sit down to write this I can’t help but to think of how far we have come and how big of a number that is, but its also a reminder that every single one of you have helped us turn dough, cheese, and tomatoes into something far more special.

It brings me so much joy to see so many fine Tucson folks come through our studio doors to enjoy a Ciao Down pizza and a pint from Tucson Hop Shop as part of an enjoyable evening out with family and friends.

My heart is full of happiness to see Ciao Down invited into your homes for birthdays, end of life celebrations, anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, and the days you marry the love of your life. It has never been something taken fro granted.

On behalf of our entire Ciao Down family, thank you for a great memory filled first year. And allowing us the opportunity to add a stitch into the social fabric of the Tucson community.

I hope to have you Ciao Down with us again real soon.

  • Paul

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