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Partners in Passion

The Ciao Down fleet is expanding into a completely new concept and we are seeking a new partner in passion.

We are seeking out a culinary rockstar who is looking to expand upon a well established food and beverage career. Someone who is not interested in being an employee but an entrepreneur who is willing to put in the work of building a new concept. After an established period of time, and proving yourself as an asset to our concept, we believe in working with part-owners not employees.

While there is a lot of work involved Ciao Down was built on a foundation that takes care of our team first. Here you won’t find long hours, high stress, or minimal pay.

What you will find is a 4-5 day work week, profit and tip sharing, consistent schedules a month in advance, and a new adventure everyday.

We work 5 days most weeks, Day one is for shopping, prepping, maintenance, cleaning, and menu testing, the remaining 4 days is for serving our loyal followers. Doubles, Close-openings, early mornings, and late nights are extremely rare but do happen.

Our new partner will be confident in working with us creating our new concept including menu creation, ingredient sourcing, kitchen design, ordering / shopping, setting pars, food costing, and inventory.

Once open for business You will be responsible for the day to day operations on board the truck, including scheduling, shopping, ordering, prepping, cleaning, cooking, truck maintenance, etc.

Our ideal candidate radiates positivity, always easy going, with a can do attitude, always focused on creating phenomenal cuisine, and a welcoming atmosphere for team mates, and guest alike. All our trucks are a completely open concept kitchen and speaking with guest will be required on a daily basis, if you don’t like people this is not the kitchen role for you.

Our candidate wants free of the corporate shackles yet respects the procedures that must be adopted to operate a clean and safe kitchen that meets and exceeds all health local, state, and national health codes.

(Kitchen Manager Certification is required and will be provided by the company if needed)

We operate large food trucks that require driving to events in and out of Pima County, a reliable personal vehicle and clean driving record is an absolute must.

Work at winery’s, brewery’s, tap rooms, safe spaces, high security government facilities, and LBGTQ events will always be in the schedule. DO NOT reach out to us if you may have a problem or vice with any of the above mentioned.

We understand we maybe a bit particular in who we are seeking, but the right person is essential in rewriting the future for the F&B industry and those of us who work our asses off to feed our community.

If you made it this far and you're ready for something new in the industry or you know of a passionate culinary rockstar, shoot us an email (

telling us a bit about your self, career history, and why you think you might be a good fit to join us.

Paul M Reyes


Ciao Down LLC

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